About Us

Friends came to help plant the baby plants

The first set of plants that arrived from across the country.

LoCo Lavender is owned by Rose and David Echols and is nestled in a beautiful valley just less than a mile from the Tennessee River in Loudon County Tennessee. Preparations for the farm of began in the summer of 2011 when the Echols began to research and visit knowledgeable lavender farmers. In May 2012, 2000 baby plants arrived across the country from Washington and with the help of many, were all in the ground within a month.  Rose plans to mostly distill the lavender flowers into essential oil and make a variety of products such as salves, soaps, lotions, etc. that she will sell at local festivals and on-line.  The Echols plan to expand their farm in a year or two after they’ve re-cooperated from the first round!